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Why Jews Oppose Obama




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Jews Opposing Obama has been formed by a coalition of Jewish Democrats, Republicans, and Independents in order to take urgent measures to guarantee Mr. Barack Obama’s defeat in the fast-approaching presidential elections, announced organization chairman Yekutiel Ben Yaakov.

Ben Yaakov elaborated upon the reasons for the creation of Jews Opposing Obama: “Nearly the entire media establishment has chosen to ignore the frightening rise of a candidate who has consistently chosen to maintain intimate contacts with extremist, anti-American, anti-Israel associates. In addition, the media has chosen to underplay Mr. Obama’s declarations calling for reconciliation with Americas’ and Israels’ worst enemies.”

Mr. Obama consciously chose Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Chicago’s Trinity United Church as his pastor for decades despite his long history of vicious racist, anti-Semitic demagoguery. It is crucial to remind ourselves again and again that Mr. Obama was not a mere occasional participant in church services of Rev. Wright.

§ Mr. & Mrs. Obama were married by Rev. Wright and their children were baptized by him.

§ *It was Rev. Wright’s “Audacity to Hope” sermon which provided Obama with his inspiration to write his “Audacity of Hope” memoir.

§ It was Rev. Wright’s “Audacity to Hope” sermon which served as the basis of his 2004 keynote speech to the Democratic National Convention.

§ It is Rev. Wright whom Mr. Obama describes as being his “moral compass” and “sounding-board”.

There is no essential difference between Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakhan. Both have consistently scapegoated white America and Jews. Both have maligned Zionism, the national liberation movement of the Jewish people as being racist.

Had Mr. Obama had such a close relationship with Louis Farrakahn for 20 years would anybody possibly consider voting for him?

Mr. Obama is an expert at saying what America wants to hear. His efforts to portray himself as a post-racial political leader with moderate views are the result of an obvious pragmatic necessity to appeal to a majority of the electorate. Mr. Obama knows how to appeal-but we must look beyond the sound bites.

Jews Against Obama calls upon Jews of all political stripes to wake up and acknowledge the clear and present danger posed by a politician whose moral compass for two decades has been an extremist anti-Semite.

Mr. Ben Yaakov declared “Jews Opposing Obama are not deceived by Mr. Obama’s smooth-talking style.We feel obliged to vote against a candidate who has appointed advisers whose views regarding America and Israel are extreme., a candidate whose proposed policies encourage reconciliation with Israel’s worst enemies at Israel’s obvious expense. “

Mr. Ben Yaakov called for the condemnation of the mainstream Jewish establishment organizations which have betrayed the Jewish community by refusing to condemn the candidacy of a candidate against whom there is abundant proof that his serving as President of the United States would pose a clear and present danger to America and to Jews. “How dare the Anti-Defamation League take no action to condemn the candidacy of a man who has consistently associated himself with extremists, a man who threatens the well-being of America and Jews. We pose the following questions to the A.D.L. and all the other Jewish organizations who have not lifted a finger against Mr. Obama-would you also have been so similarly passive had the candidate been a regular participant in church services of an Aryan Nations Christian Identity church? Would you also have accepted the candidates’ lame explanations that he regarded the pastor as “like an uncle” but that he didn’t necessarily agree with everything he has said?

“The Jewish establishment organizations are repeating their do-nothing approach which guided their behavior during the years that six million Jews were being exterminated in Europe. Back then they did not want to rock the boat and demand the that F.D.R. bomb Auschwitz. Today when world Jewry is again threatened by genocidal threats this time under Islamic auspices by Iran and others-the Jewish Establishment refuses to oppose Mr. Obama who represents the forces which seek to reconcile with nations opposed to Israel’s existence, and the existence of the Jewish people.”

“ Jews who have misgivings about the war in Iraq must rally together against Mr. Obama who wishes to throw the baby out with the bath water by coddling the fascist regime in Iran. We must remember the lessons of the Holocaust against appeasing evil dictators. Hitler sought our destruction and should have been stopped earlier. So too today Ahmadenjad seeks our destruction-and Mr. Obama will not oppose him. ”Jews overwhelmingly supported the candidacy of F.D.R.-though he was the President who refused to bomb the railroad tracks leading to Auschwitz. Ben Yaakov declared,”Never again should we support a candidate who directly threatens the welfare of America and of the Jewish people.

“Jews, perhaps one should consider-if Americans have become so enamored by Mr. Obama’s smooth-talking style that they are willing to forget about the bigotry of his close associates and mentor, all in the name of “change”:

What type of precedent does this set for a future white candidate with racist, anti-Semitic views to also smooth-talk his way into the White House under similar circumstances of economic or other type of crisis?

If Mr. Obama is elected President despite all that has been disclosed regarding his role-model and his anti-Israel advisers one needs to ask-

What type of message will this send to the forces of hate and anti-Semitism?

All those patriotic Jewish-Americans who felt that voting Obama was the right thing to do will be just as victimized as anyone else in an America where anti-Semitism has been newly legitimized by the “progressive” anti-Israel forces.”

Jews Opposing Obama calls upon Jews and all Americans to come to their senses and vote against Mr. Barack Obama.


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